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facebook webcam

facebook webcam

An additional Application to face-to-face (webcam application) has been released by facebook into room links included are Video applications such as vChatter, People Roulette, Bando Chat, ChatVibes and Chat rounds which finally release end of 2011. This application comes with additional features such as the Calling person (without using headphones), as well as chat messager personal. However this application is still a lot of drawbacks which can only be used for the link to this application into facebook as well, and can only be used if the personal calling is being used/activated the application (Video Chatting). To enter the link and it’s application, Please log in to your facebook and register your identity, then it would be like the picture above.

How to use Android mobile phone as webcam

Today I’m going to tell you how to use the Android mobile phone as webcam “as many of us use and desktop in general do not have a webcam, so what if you want to make a video call, don’t worry you have Android Smartphone that will let you make a video call on your computer so there’s plenty of online applications available making Android webcam but the I’m going to tell you so easy.Let’s start it:

  • Step 1: first of all install the webcam IP downloaded Android mobile phone, as well as to install the adapter IP camera on your computer.
  • Step 2: open IP camera application which installed on your phone, then Setting up the options such as user name, password, screen resolution and many more which you can adjust according to your choise, after doing so just click Start Server.
    Note: this app uses rear camera in better quality default enemy but you can also change the status of the front camera but it lowers the quality of your videos.
  • Step 3: now when you click the start server , you will see the IP at the bottom of the screen of the laptop now open IP browsers chrome or Firefox for your laptop if none of these browser in your mobile browser and nstalled select Android’s built-in Viewer option.
  • Step 4 open and install the downloaded IP camera adapter on your computer now in “enter address” only camera goes your IP and port you have the application installed on your phone and remember not to delete/videofeed and then click autodetect.
    Step 5: now that your done to open any application in video conference calls on Skype, Facebook-like Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and you will see the streaming video on your Android mobile phone.